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Relaxation Massage

Feel free to relax as our students perform massage techniques that have traveled the globe, but are practiced right here in the convenience of our clinic. Swedish, Shiatsu, and many other maneuvers are used to ensure your experience is nothing short of amazing. Let our students show you what they've learned!


Baltic Mud Body Wrap

Baltic Mud has properties that are known to help with joint pain and arthritis. Along with the toxin-removing processes of any body wrap, this pairing is great for anyone looking for a treatment to improve their health. Not recommended for those who may have an allergy or aversion to Sulphur.


Hot Stone Therapy

The ultimate stress releiver, Hot Stone Therapy will help melt away any tension you've been carrying as your therapist uses the smoothest heated stones to apply pressure to areas that need it most.


Thai Massage

If you're somewhat of a massage connoisseur (or even if you're not), you've got to try a Thai massage. Performed as a topical massage treatment where you leave comfortable clothing on throughout the entire massage, Thai is performed on a padded mat on the floor in comparison to a massage table. While on the mat, your therapist will move your body into yoga-like positions to push the boundaries of your range of motion and provide massaging strokes over your clothing without the use of the lubricants like lotions or oils that you may be used to. A great experience that you really must try!


Seaweed Body Wrap

Although it may not sound all that apealling at first, seaweed can really have many more healing properties than you'd expect! Working to improve digestive issues, seaweed wraps have also been performed for years as a beautification and luxury modality. This wrap is a genuine treat for any spa lover!


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